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Terms and Conditions

XtownX requires that you, as a user of these services, adhere strictly to our rules as contained within these terms and conditions, and associated policies.

XtownX is a portal designed to support information from local communities, such as small towns, and specifically information that is related to economic activities or buying, selling, and promotion, as well as establishing online communities of practice.

In order to provide such information support a number of rules are required to establish the quality of the information as well as to guide the development of XtownX as a shared resource.

User Accounts

Every user of XtownX is required to have a unique and personal account which uses a unique email address and which requires a strong password for access.

Every user is required to protect their password to prevent others gaining access to their account.

Every user is allowed only one email account for access purposes, and this is used for all situations in which they interact with XtownX.

A user must not share their user code and password with other users.

User Authentication

Each user is required to log on using their email address and password in order to gain access to the XtownX portal.

Users may be graded in terms of how much their user account is trusted as being accurate, and this grading is performed internally and automatically. The intention is to ensure that untrustworthy user accounts are identified as an early warning to others.

Such untrustworthy situations will include a user masquarading as another person without their authority, or a user placing incorrect information onto their personal profile

Personal Information

You will be required to provide up to date and accurate personal information which will be maintain securely and which you will have control over when and to whom to release.

User Tracking

XtownX tracks the activities of each individual user in order to provide information for statistical and other purposes as well as to identify preferences and to predict areas of interest.

This information on users is not disclosed to other users.


As a part of the operation of XtownX, notifications may be sent to individual users or to groups of users, to inform them about specific events or situations.

These notifications may be sent by any organisation which is identified as a "Notifier".

Examples of such notification may be a restaurant offering a special meal, or the municipality indicating an planned electricity outage.

By logging on to XtownX you agree to accept that notifications may be sent to you, and that you may be provided with the ability to report abuse.

Some notifications may be in the form of public service announcements which are likely to be broadcast to all identified users.


Access to XtownX is provided free and will always be free for all of the basic services. However, there may be costs associated with bandwidth from the mobile carrier and these are not under the control of XtownX.

Some of the services provided by XtownX are identified as "value-added" and will require purchase in order to gain access to these services.


We strive to maintain XtownX in a manner fit for its purpose and we provide recommendations on the style and form of the advertisements and other promotional items placed on the XtownX portal.


We strive to provide and maintain XtownX in good condition and to be "bug-free" and to ensure that it is available at all times and with acceptable response. Where we are in control of the information content we also strive to keep this up to date and to response quickly to any issues concerning errors in this information. We do not ptovide warranties on the XtownX service or program, or any of the information content of facilities, and by becoming a user of XtownX or a customer of the XtownX promotional schemes, that you use this completely at your own risk with no ability to claim against XtownX or its associates companies, directors and shareholders for any loss that is claimed to occur as a result of the usage of XtownX.

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