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The World of XtownX

XtownX is "the local network", providing useful local information to residents and tourists, using mobile phones (and tablets) as the primary means of access.

Better access to information means improved business opportunities for businesses providing goods and services, as well as to the wide range of tourist service providers.

Better business opportunities will create an improved local economy.

The core of the XtownX mobile portal is the directory of goods and services, and the basic entries in this directory are, and will always be, free.

If you have a business in the local area, or you have particular skills which you provide, then get yourself registered by contacting the local agent in your area. Select the "Contact Us" linkage on the town page.

About the name "XtownX"

XtownX is a name consisting of three parts X+town+X, and each of these parts has significance.


The "town" in XtownX is a small geographical area such as a town, a village, a municipality or a tourist area.

The fundamental principle of XtownX is that all local economies can be improved by providing access to local information.


The first "X" in XtownX represents the flow of economic activity, in particular money, from one town to another, through consumers who live in one town then buying from another town, or selling into another town. These other towns are often the neighbouring towns but may be from further afield.

For example a Tourist from Johannesburg may visit the "town" of the "Central Drakensberg" (centralberg) and will spend money on accommodation, restaurants, and activities. As a result of this spending of money an economic linkage is created between these two towns, since money has flowed from Johannesburg into the Central Drakensberg.

This is based upon the theory of "Locanomics" which we have developed and for which XtownX is a practical implementation. Locanomics promotes the flow of money into a town, and thus economic activities such as tourism and agriculture are core economic activities targeted by XtownX.


The second "X" in the name XtownX is concerned with the flow of information within the town, to help residents, businesses, and tourists - who can use this information about the town to make better decisions on where to get what, and also to help local businesses to promote their own local goods and services to both other local residents, and to tourists.

We use the letter "X" to denote the flow, exchange and sharing of information between people and businesses within a town, both permanent residents and temporary visitors. "X" is the crossroads of information and is provided through the power of XtownX - which uses the Internet and the Web to help people within a local town.

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