XtownX support


Guest Users

To use XtownX you do not need to Register, and can Continue from the Sign In page as a Guest User.

As a Guest you will not have access to the full set of facilities available to Registered Users, but there is still a considerable value in using XtownX.

What you get as a Guest User

  • access to all of the directory information in every "town" within XtownX
  • searching for information using the search engine of XtownX

What are the limitations of being a Guest User

The limitations of being a Guest User result directly from us not know who you are, and as an anonymous Guest you cannot participate in anything in which you need to communicate with others, or to store inforamtion, such as a contact list, for future reference.

Among these limitations are:

  • you cannot send or receive messages from people with whom you want to sell to or purchase from
  • you cannot store your favourites for quick access
  • you cannot store the towns you deal with regularly, and must search for them every time you re-enter
  • you will be remindered at various times to Register and about the benefits of registration

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