XtownX support


Registered Users

To get the full benefits of XtownX you must become a Registered User.

You can continue to use XtownX as a Guest User but you will not have the same level of interaction with others and with the wide range of information resources on XtownX.

What you get as a Registered User

  • having your own unique User Code (not the same the Sign In code)
  • having an XtownX Business Card which can be used to give your details to others, as the digital equivalent of the physical business card
  • keep track of favourites, so that you can get easy access to your most common contacts
  • interact with others for economic activities, such as buying and selling
  • have the capability to create a Mini Web Page on XtownX to promote your products, services, and skills
  • join XtownX Communities and interact with others within these communities

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